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Monday, 14 March 2016

Chief vs God

The evil oceans 
are a blender 
like the waves were fighting.

The war God curses the chief below,
a blend of everything natural.

Ropes tie him down 
like bright lasers from his eyes. 

The chief prays for help 
while getting drowned.

Were happening.

The painting 
 grabs me.

I wonder what is inside him? 
Is the chief dead?
Why is he so angry?

In this poem I have been learning to be doing simile and metaphor. my poem is currently is multistructural because I can do several similes and metaphors but I can't connect them yet. my next step is relational.            


  1. Nicholas I love how you describe the God and the chief in such exquisite ways. Great story!

  2. Nicholas I love how you say ropes tie him down like bright lasers from his eyes it makes the story great.