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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Multimedia artwork

This term I was learning about musical elements. For example, tone colour, beat, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and pitch. My learning was connected to my great great grandfather who died in world war 2. I think used the elements of music will because I used musical elements in a musical soundscape. I clapped the beat. I used a table to make the airplane. I also used a ukulele for the airplane crashing and I used a piano to use a sad filing.
Over all my soundscape is relational because I made the sounds connect to my poem. I am happy with my Soundscape.
Multimedia artwork
------------------------------------ . This is the link to my soundscape for my poem below.

 He was radio operator 
on a sea plane.  
A New Zealander
on the English side.

He had 7 medals 
that I don't know the meaning of.
I guess he bombed 49 towns, 
killed 967 people.
Death looked upon him.

He died on a test day, 
testing the limits of a plane,
But it fell out of the sky 
at 5500 feet

Into the water, two metres deep.

Only 6 people survived.
When my dad told me about it,
that was one of the sadness 
days in my life. 

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  1. I love the soundscape it really sounds like Christchurch