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Thursday, 7 July 2016



We have got a problem in New Zealand but not just New Zealand, it is all over the world - it is prejudice. Just imagine that you new to New Zealand, new to a school. People were frowning and laughing at you, teasing, pointing at you. your mum was at working at restaurant people staring at your mum, whispering at your mum. At school camp they were teasing you and you didn't have clue what they were saying.

I think the we are not the best at the world at welcoming people because 10% of immigrants feel discriminated against in New Zealand. The most common way to get discriminated against is prejudice and that 10% is mostly from skin colour. My big question is how do we make immigrants feel more welcome in New Zealand? 

Prejudice is like when you judge someone and you don't even know them. For example your tall, you must not play soccer. Here are some more statements: you are short you must play basketball, or you are a different skin colour you must be a bad person, or you are a girl I bet you can not play rugby, or you are 94 you can not drive, or you look big, I bet you can not play hockey. 

Prejudice makes people feel bad because you judge them and you don't even know them. The effect it has on them is it makes them feel sad and unwelcome and sometimes people feel really angry at you.  Prejudice exists because people have different opinions and some things are different to others. 

Sometimes we can make people feel bad this is sometimes called prejudice. What not to do is to is not to searing at the immigrants laughing and teasing people. Whispering at people. Pointing at people. ignoring people. But there are nice things that could make them feel good like being kind, smiling, making a conversation, host a party.

Here are some tips to help people feel more included in New Zealand.
Smiling and saying hello. 
Showing people services to help them.  
Ask where they are from(sometimes it doesn't work ).
Saying welcome.  
Not treating them differently. 

I think that we should improve. How? By teaching children not to copy prejudiced ideas. In the future I think we should teach teachers at schools to tell students to know what prejudge is and not to spread it. I think we should not be mean to people who had came from different countries and we should treat them the same way, like all New Zealanders.  Parents need to say to their children “do not listen to people who are saying something that is not true.” Overall I think that prejudice is a bad thing.

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