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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Olympic Games

This term I am doing a speech about Olympic Games. Also I was learning to use language, personification, rhetorical question, irony, metaphors and structure in my speech. It went well when I was doing my speech and I use all of those language devices.
I can use parts of of structure but it lacks balance, connections or flow. Many ideas connect to the point of view. I use several language devices to persuade and connect with audience. For example, I used the rhetorical question to hook my audience in at the start. I felt weird when I was getting up on stage and sharing but I did it and there were no mistakes when I said it. 

   Please click here to listen to my speech,or read it below.

(Olympic Games) 

 Ever thought why you are glued to a screen watching Coronation Street and all of those other tv shows? Not getting off Facebook,instagram,Twitter (etc etc)? It is like you have a voice in your mind saying you need some time outside, you need some time outside, you need some time outside. 
Well you could be what is on the screen if you want to be famous (like the boss of samsung). But there are different kinds of famous. Let me name a couple,  boss of big companies, being part of a famous sport (etc etc).

Every 4 years there is 1 big event just about sport and it is all over the world. Yes there are other big events, but these sports are held all over the world. Yes it is the Olympic Games. It's is time to get off devices and start to play sports.

Just picture that you are watching tv and you are glued to your tv. You are flickering through Channels and then bang!  You hit a good tv program. It says the Olympic Games. You say “yay an interesting channel”. So you watch it for a while and you feel an urge to go outside and so you do. 

Then your mum says “You can play on your iPad” and you reply “ Can you play outside with me?” and she say “Yes”.  So that is one more person that is not playing on their device. Now let's go back to the Olympic Games. 

 If you think you are too young to be in the Olympic Games, well a girl in the New Zealand team only 19 years old got into the Olympic Games and won bronze in pole vault. Has she been on devices? No she has not she has been doing training to get fit . Like the teachers say “ not too young to learn.”

 Did you know that the New Zealand team came 19th as in how many medals we got and that lot compared to 4 years ago. Even better 4th per capita in the world. Isn't that amazing?
Just imagine that you are at a basketball game but you are playing a game on your phone instead. You should be watching your Team play a really hard game but all you are doing is playing on your phone Playing on your phone. And your Team needs support. 

Then a famous basketball player comes up to you.You look up and feel silly. So you line up to be subbed on. A few minutes later you are playing a game of basketball and feeling so good. 

To get inspired is easy but why am I talking about the Olympic Games? Well to get healthy when you get healthy you have a growth mindset. You can take that mindset and help the world with other stuff that we have forgotten about.

My other ideas are:

There are too many people that are on devices and tv and I want to try to encourage people to go outside and play a game of sport.

 2000 people are on devices per day in New Zealand. To stop that we need to make a app that can make you fit and keep you interested while being fit.

Next time I will make the Olympic Games inspire my friends and make them fit. Now it's your turn - what will you do to help people get off devices. 

So get off devices and help the world get fit and forget about devices.

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