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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


“Come on wake up chop, chop,” said the teacher. 
A few hours later...Yess! I've found number 31, how did I find it? I don't know. I just found it.  A sense of pride rushed through me. 

My next emotion was at archery.  As he said all the safety rules, I felt extremely excited about archery. A few minutes later “Bullseye” I said as the arrow swiftly flew through the morning air. “Ahh great shot you got China,” said the instructor. 

My last emotion was at search and rescue. I felt sorry, for Samuel because he slipped on a bridge and could not walk so we had to make a stretcher to carry him back to camp.

Overall I had challenges at camp and managed to get over them.

This is all of hetangata at camp.

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  1. Well done Nicholas. It's really great to read. Hope you make more stories like this one. Sam