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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science journal 5

This week we have been learning about flight. But to learn about flight you have to have wonder about flight. We so far have had 3 wonderings here is the 3.

Flying vs gliding 
Flying is when you use the 4 forces (lift, drag, thrust and weight) you have to use the 4 forces equally to fly. Gliding however you stay in the air but you are not using thrust. Lift, drag and weight are all balanced so you can glide.

Nature vs man made
Man made is something that is made by people like an airplane and nature is something natural like a bird or a bat.

The 4 forces: 
The 4 forces are drag, thrust, weight, and lift you need to use these in flight.
The 4 forces are key elements to flight, you can not fly without them.
This week I put my learning at multi-structural Because I know lots of ideas but they don't always make sense (gathering data) and my inferences are multi-structural because my inferences are not always right.


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